Whether you are a nonprofit group or a business, you need to know your target audience. Who are you selling to? Who are you hoping to serve? What motivates them? What are their needs and wants?

Without a clear sense of who this target group is, and an understanding of what drives them, your business or organisation will have a hard time reaching them. This is the case whether you are trying to sell widgets, or hoping to attract people to a program or event in the neighbourhood.

You can do this research yourself, of course. Track down the latest demographic statistics, run focus groups, send out surveys to your stakeholders, and hold individual interviews. Then write it all up into a succinct and attractive report for your business partners, congregation, or committee of management.

But you haven’t. You don’t have the time. So let me do the work for you. After discussing your specific needs, I design a package for you to suit your business or organisation, its products and/or services, and your budget.

To get a sense of what such a package might include, here is a list of possible topics your report could cover:

  • Demographic Information: I research population, age range, gender, religion, ethnicity, economic details like employment rates and income, household types. These statistics give a bird’s eye view of your community.
  • Online Survey: I can send a simple online survey to your stakeholders, including current members/customers, leadership teams, other organisations in your area etc. This gives some broad-brush insights into others’ views of your organisation, and what the key issues are for your target demographic.
  • Focus Group Outcomes: I can interview small groups of people who fit the demographic profile of your target audience. This gives finely-grained insights into the issues that concern them, and their driving needs and wants.
  • Recommendations: after discussing the findings of the research with you and your team, and digesting your strategic direction, I can make recommendations for the future.

Do you want to take the next step to understanding your neighbourhood, membership, or target clients? Get in touch for a chat and free quote by email, contact form or by calling 0421 764 699.