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I write for businesses and nonprofit organisations. Although my professional experience is in the education and nonprofit sector, I have also written professionally for outdoors magazines, medical businesses, and local governments. Get in touch for a chat about how I can help you or your organisation, or go straight to my Writing Portfolio.

Here are some of the services I offer:

  1. Grant Services
  2. Blog Posts and Website Updates
  3. Thought Leadership Articles
  4. White Papers
  5. Community/Client Research
  6. Program Evaluations
  7. Nonprofit Promotions
  8. Editing and Proofreading

Grant Services

For both businesses and nonprofits, grants and tenders are a crucial income stream. Therefore, you need someone who is proficient at researching and writing grants, and ensuring that your project is well-matched with a funding program. With 15 years experience in grant writing across government and philanthropic sectors, I can make sure grant writing aches go away. (back to top)

Blog Posts and Website Updates

It’s no use having a website that remains static. Your online presence needs to regularly updated to show that you are the leader in your sector. I can write regular blog posts on topics of your choice. I can also give your website a thorough audit, identifying where is could be improved, and re-writing content to make it shine. (back to top)

Thought Leadership

You are a leader, executive, or business owner, and you’re expected to contribute to the public conversation about issues in your sector. But you don’t have time. Let me write your thought leadership pieces for you. I can consult with you on topics and case studies, and then provide articles of 600+ words to demonstrate your expertise. (back to top)

White Papers

White papers explain a challenge in your sector, and then positions your organisation or business as the leader in responding to the challenge. It can explain your philosophy, your product, or your tools, and is designed to encourage potential clients to engage with your business or organisation. (back to top)

Community/Client Research

You are a church, community organisation or small business. You want to better understand your neighbourhood, target demographic, membership, or client base. I can do one or all of the following: client/community research, analysis of the challenges and opportunities relevant to your sector, and write a succinct and readable report. (back to top)

Program Evaluations

You have a program that requires evaluation for effectiveness and/or funding acquittal purposes. I can run focus groups and surveys, analyse the results, and then write a short report for you. (back to top)

Nonprofit Promotions

Although they are not selling a product, nonprofits and community organisations still need to promote themselves: to the people they serve, to their funders and donors, and to the wider community in which they operate. This requires promotional material such as: email campaigns; newsletters; media releases; narrative case studies of programs and clients. (back to top)

Editing and Proofreading

You may be a student, grant writer, or content manager. You’ve written or commissioned the content, but need an eagle eye to check it for errors and effective communication. Whether your content is a blog, thesis, grant, or something else, I can edit and/or proofread it to make sure it is readable. (back to top)

My Writing Services

You need a versatile and committed writer, who understands your organisation and the challenges it faces. I care about words, and what they do when they’re out in the world.

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