I’ve been a writer ever since my dad let me copy out letters to my Nanna on his manual typewriter.

My writing career took a massive leap forward when my Year 9 English teacher, Mr Weaver, persuaded me to write a short piece on “why you should use smoke alarms in your house”. He submitted it to a competition, and I won $250. For a 14 year old, that was a treasure chest.

I’ve worked in the nonprofit field, youth work, school teaching, and training. All of my employers have recognised my writing skills, and set me to crafting newsletters, training manuals, blog posts, letters, funding submissions, project proposals, and research documents. In between, I’ve written for pleasure, including social comment, fiction, poetry, podcasts, book reviews, and zines. Some of this you can check out on my personal blog.

In late 2016, I decided to focus more seriously on freelance writing, and training. If you’d like to check out what I can do for you, your company, or your organisation, then please head over to my Portfolio. If you’d simply like to have a coffee, or ask a question then get in touch.