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I am versatile writer, with experience in many genres. Most of my writing has been for in-house publications, like reports, web content, newsletters and funding submissions. In-between times, I’ve written blog posts, fiction, and poetry.

The most recent copywriting I’ve done was for the City of Greater Bendigo, who wanted to showcase the work of community grant receipts. Here are a couple: a cycling program at a local school, and a conservation program.  Last week, I got published by Link, a national magazine for the disability sector.

White Papers and Reports
Revolve: for 3 years, I wrote a quarterly paper on youth issues for a national youth organisation. Here are a few:
– Research paper on multiculturalism – 2005
– Research paper on family – 2008

St Matthew’s: I researched and wrote a paper for a local church, who wanted information on the demographics of their community.
– Excerpt – St Matthew’s Report 2013

Educational material
As a high school teacher, and adult trainer, I’ve written training materials for a wide age-range, which also tick off curriculum requirements. I’ve also contributed to other teacher’s knowledge through book reviews and informative articles.
– Integrated curriculum unit on Timor-Leste for Year 8 students.
– Legal and Ethical unit of work for youth work students.
– Book Review of “Mary Proctor” for Practikos – history teaching association journal.
– Informative article on podcasting for Praktikos

Grant Writing
For the last 10 years, I’ve regularly written grant submissions for community projects in my town. Many of these have been successful. Here are a few to check out:
– Community Garden – successful grant.
– Community Space – successful grant.
– Roof Renovation – successful grant.

Web Content
I have written web content for my own blog, community organisations, and churches. This has also included writing social media content for these groups. Here are some example of my work:
– “A Day in the Life of…”: profile for Premier Youth Work, UK.
– St Matthew’s Church: event pages, program information, and updates
– “Playing Viola for the Cause”: post on personal blog.

A writer always has “bits and pieces” that hang around like an awkward teenager. Where do they fit? Who knows yet. Here are a few:
– Press release for a community art project.
– “Tasmania By Road” – a fiction piece published in Express Media.
– “Lead Tenant” – a reflective piece from my time caring for homeless young people

Writing Portfolio

Writing is not easy. It requires focus, attention to detail, and experience of how words work together to build a message. Lots of people do it badly. Let me do it well for you.

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