In the nonprofit sector, there are so many capable people changing the world, but not many of them are wordsmiths as well. Although I write for money, each year I like to donate my writing skills to a couple of charitable organisation who are doing work I believe in.

Family Inclusion Network Victoria
As a former foster carer and current kinship carer, I’ve seen up close how ill-suited the child protection system is to helping parents navigate its bureaucracy. That isn’t a criticism of child protection workers; it’s a system issue. So, I love the work of the Family Inclusion Network, who work with parents who are under child protection investigation, or whose children have been removed. They empower parents to have their say, and do the hard work of advocacy. Currently, I am helping them by doing an audit of their website content.

Saltbush Community Initiatives Inc
I’ll fess up. I helped to start this little organisation in Bendigo 10 years ago. In some ways, it’s not actually an organisation – it doesn’t even have a website! It’s really a legal and financial umbrella that enables local groups and projects to do their thing without needing to worry about becoming incorporated. I help Saltbush by writing grant applications and acquittals.

Some of the projects these grants enable have included: the People’s Pantry, a food distribution program where the recipients run the program; and the Hope…It Grows! Community Garden.